Monday, November 7, 2011

Weimaraner / bull dog mix pup

This is one of our Weimaraner / bull dog mix pups at her new home. Nicole came to Frankston and got a Mountain Feist pup for her Dad and fell in love with her. And now she is at home with the Tull's. Below is a note from Nicole. Thank you to the Tulls for giving her a wonderful home. She is a beautiful dog.

Hello Danny and Joyce! We have been wanting to send you a pic of our little girl whom we love so dearly and finally got a camera (the other had broken). So here she is! About a week before we came to pick her up, my 7 yr. old daughter had started making a list of potential names for the new puppy. The day we came to Frankston, we had 153 names to choose from....on the way home, we ended choosing one that hadn't even made the list: Brooke. We knew that we remind us of you guys :) Brooke is beautiful, sweet and quiet---we have maybe heard her bark 3 times since we got her back in August. However, when you let her out of her pen, her nose is to the ground sniffing. She digs and roots around often. My husband says she looks like her Mama and I think she looks so much like her Daddy (besides her color). We love her and thanks again for your help with 'dogs' this past year. God Bless, Nicole Tull

One of our pups - New home in McKinney Texas

This is "Easton". he went to his new home in McKinney Texas. Thank you, Jason for the picture.
Easton at 11 weeks old

Easton at 8 weeks old

Easton at 8 weeks old