Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Went for a short walk at the deer lease with a few of our feist squirrel dogs. Not much moving but did tree two.

Friday, January 4, 2013

"Chicken" does it again!

This is "Chicken". She is a Mountain Feist trained to blood trail wounded deer in South Texas. She has already tracked down 30+ deer at less than a year old.

Not just a squirrel dog

Email update about one of our pups:
Mountain Feist, Not just for squirrel hunting. Proven versatile dogs.

  This is Tony just wanted to update you on Misty that a bought back in the early summer. She is a special girl...she loves to set in my lap and watch the outdoor channel, when deer come on she starts whinning and then when they run she starts barking its pretty funny. She has helped me trail 3 deer so far this yr. 1st time she was all about the blood but didnt know what to do with the trail, she was very aggresive once we found deer. 2nd trail much better about 150yd trail did well took her awhile to work it out...I could see blood but let her keep working until she found it, took her about 30min. 3rd she found it in like 3 mins 80yd trail, she worked it very quickly. She has trailed a hog also that we didnt find poor shot and another we did find. With deer season almost over we will be starting on coon soon. Here is a pic of last deer she found. Oh last time out she found a skunk also...we were setting at camp fire and heard her strike up just outside of camp, I figured coon probably well after a 10 min run she came back an ohhhh boy! About 30 baths with scent away soap i finally let her back in camper lol.