Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New pictures of "High Five" - Dish

"High Five" as a pup

This is the pup I called "High Five". His new owners sent these. He sure is doing good.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Banjo has gone to his new home in Axtell, Texas. Banjo was a "Fathers Day" present.
Here is what Nicole had to say:
"Thank you again for all your help with getting my Dad his dog. This is the 1st pic we took of him and Banjo at your home :) He and my Mom are thrilled to have a dog around again. Once we got home with the pup, all 4 grandbabies were there to welcome him. That little dog is a trooper---he did'nt shy away or act scared in anyway. He showed all four of them tons of love and got plenty in! I think Banjo is right at home! All you did to help make this happen (and the million and one questions you have answered for me...ha ha!) is greatly appreciated.
God Bless you both,
Nicole "

Gone to their new home

Zeus has gone to his new home in Dallas Texas with The Kluever's.
Liz said he is super spoiled already!